EQMD Political Action Committee

EQMD Political Action Committee



 Equality Maryland’s Political Action Committee was established in 2006 to help elect individuals at the state and local level in Maryland who are committed to working for fairness and equality for LGBT individuals, our families and our communities. The PAC also works to support fair-minded incumbents.

Please click here to view our list of endorsements for the Maryland General Election on November 4, 2014.



 In 2006 the PAC endorsed 75 candidates for the state legislature; 80% of these candidates won! For some of our endorsed candidates, we made financial contributions and provided valuable volunteer help. In 2007 we also endorsed a candidate for Baltimore City Council who came within 743 votes of becoming the first openly gay City Councilor.

In 2010 elections, 73 of our 81 PAC-endorsed candidates were elected.

The Equality Maryland PAC sent questionnaires to over 300 candidates. The vetting process for endorsement is ongoing as the PAC continues to interview the growing number of electoral challengers. If warranted, additional endorsements will be announced when this process is complete.


 The minimum criteria for endorsement includes completing the PAC questionnaire and supporting EQMD’s two key legislative priorities – gender identity anti-discrimination protections and full civil marriage equality. Additional considerations included viability, ability to advance legislation, and relationship with key constituencies.


 Help us continue to work for the election of fair minded candidates by making a donation to Equality Maryland today! Click here to make a contribution. We need your help to keep up the fight through November and beyond.

  • Host a house party to help us raise money for the PAC and its endorsed candidates
  • Volunteer to work on the campaign of an endorsed candidate (make sure to tell them that you are an Equality Maryland member)
  • Help us interview candidates seeking the PAC’s endorsement
  • Volunteer on primary and/or election day to help us identity supportive voters.

If you have any questions or want to help, please contact us at info@equalitymaryland.org.


EQMD Events
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Four Seasons Baltimore, Baltimore Maryland 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Some media outlets are looking to talk to folks who are eligible to request updated Maryland birth certificates, after we get get final passage..

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Now bills will go to the opposite chamber, for committee and floor votes in the coming weeks! Stay updated at http://equalitymaryland.org/legislation/

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What a day for LGBT equality, the two bills EQMD has been working on have passed their original chamber!

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Both House bills passed!

160 likes, 5 comments4 days ago

SB 743 just passed the Senate 31-16, one step closer to trans individuals born in Maryland being able to get new birth certificates

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